Embrace Imperfection: Mistakes Are Essential For Your Growth


To all you perfectionists out there, I have bad news: It’s impossible to be perfect throughout this human experience.  You are going to mess up sometimes. 

There will be little mistakes and also big ones.  Guaranteed.  Add one more to the list of life’s certainties:  death, taxes AND mistakes!  Since it’s inevitable, why not accept it?  Take it one step further and even embrace it!

What if you could shift your perspective to see mistakes as being not only natural, but also an essential part of the growth process?  What if the whole purpose of being human was to learn through trial and error? 

If you always did everthing perfectly from start to finish, the chart of your life would be a flat line.  No growth.  You would not be much different from a machine.  Everything would happen as you already knew it would.  There would be no spontaneity, no surprises.

Where’s the fun in that?

The thrill of being alive comes from the unexpected.  Taking a step and not knowing where it will take you.  Sometimes it will lead you somewhere amazing.  Other times you will fall flat on your face.   Expect that.  It’s part of the growth process.  

Once you accept that there will be missteps, it’s much easier to pick yourself up after a fall and have a laugh about it.  Then the next time you will step around or try walking in a different direction.  That’s growth!

Isn’t growth part of your life purpose?  Everyone is so different and yet the underlying essence of whatever you’re trying to achieve is growth.  Whether you want to grow your bank account or grow your heart to love more, you have to experiment through trial and error to break the barrier of where you’re at now and level up. 

That seeming failure gives you fresh insight that was inaccessible before that experience.  It’s not enough to intellectualize something and live in your head.  You learn through the visceral experience.  Who are you going to trust more: the doctor who got the best exam scores but hasn’t had contact with patients, or the one who also did a couple years of residency?

 It’s not really a mistake if you learn from it. 

Turn lemons into lemonade by embracing mistakes graciously and growing from the experience.  Your life will be transformed!


How to Live Life On Your Own Terms


Can you ever truly be happy if you don’t know who you are and what you want?  After spending countless hours on work, responsibilities at home and basic survival needs, how much time do you allot towards self discovery? How would you feel if at the end of your life you look back and realize that 90% of your time was wasted on things that don’t even matter to you now?

The first step to living life on your own terms is to identify what your core values are and to prioritize them.  For example, my core values are 1) Freedom 2) Purpose 3) Growth. Knowing my core values gives me a tool to utilize when making life decisions.  Years ago I made a big decision to become self-employed.  It hasn’t always been easy, but I love it.  It satisfies all of my core values. Therefore I am continually willing to embrace the risk.  Someone else may prefer to work for a company because security is one of their top values and so that’s the right choice for them.  The key is to know your priorities so that you choose wisely and authentically.

There’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to core values.  Your lifestyle should be a reflection of your personal values.  That’s why it’s crucial to take the time to discover who you are and what you want.  Otherwise you will likely find yourself living life by default, by someone else’s priorities: your parents, your partner or society.

The next step is to question every piece of your life to see if it fits into your core values.  Leave no stone unturned.  Living life on your own terms requires looking deeply within to separate what’s genuinely you and what’s societal programming.  Do you really want to work all those extra hours in order to pay for a fancier car?  Or is there an unconscious belief that a fancier car = societal approval = self esteem = happiness?  When in reality, perhaps working less hours = less stress and more freedom = happiness. 

Having the courage to let go of what doesn’t truly belong in your life will free up space to create a new, more fulfilling life experience.  All the energy that was getting drained  on inauthentic activities will become available for you to harness for your health, wellbeing and happiness.  It will open the door to greater passion, purpose and confidence from being the navigator of your unique life journey.

Reiki Is My Super Power


My Reiki student says she tells her kids, “Reiki is my super power!”  They are young, active boys but once she gives them Reiki at night they quickly fall into deep, peaceful sleep.  It got me thinking that Reiki is indeed a super power.  It can transform your health, emotions and outlook on life in miraculous ways. 

Good news - Reiki can be your super power too.  You don’t need to be from planet Krypton or be an Amazon or get bitten by a radioactive spider.  Reiki is available to everyone.

Remember how everything seemed magical when you were a kid?  The world was full of never-ending possibilities and exciting surprises.   At some point you were told, “ Grow up.  Life is hard work.  No pain, no gain.”  So you left behind your childlike wonder, imagination and optimism in favor of “the school of hard knocks” in a “dog eat dog world.”

Once in a while you catch a glimpse of that magic in a child’s eyes or when playing with your dog.  You feel nostalgic and think, “How nice to be so free.”   

Reiki can free you from your prison of societal programming.  You are entrapped by the belief that nothing happens without your endless hard work.  This belief keeps you constantly pushing ahead, trying to achieve more, yet feeling like you’re fighting a losing battle.  When you are channeling Reiki, Reiki is doing all the work.  You are simply the conduit for the energy to flow.  Through Reiki you become healed or feel better yet it was effortless- magic!  Once you are attuned to Reiki, there is an infinite supply of this universal life energy to draw from, always available to fill you up - magic!  

After a Reiki session clients sometimes comment that they hadn’t felt this way since childhood.  They forgot this feeling, lightness, joy, inner freedom, hope.  Re-awakening that feeling inside someone - if that’s not a super power, what is?

Are You Trading Happiness for (Imaginary) Security?


Many people have been shaken this year by the seemingly relentless barrage of disasters and tragedies.  The constant reminder that misfortune can happen anywhere and anytime pushes some people to try even harder to control their surroundings to create a sense of security.

The reality is that no matter how hard we try to secure our situation, it can all be gone in an instant.  The company where you’ve worked for 20 years can suddenly go bankrupt.  The house where you planned to live your whole life can be demolished by a natural disaster.  The person you love and trust the most can die suddenly.  

I’m not trying to depress you!  Quite the opposite.  In fact, the recognition and acceptance that everything in the outer world is temporary can free you.  So many people feel trapped in their life circumstances, afraid to leave because it gives them a false sense of security.  Unhappy relationships, unfulfilling jobs - how much of your time or energy is wasted in the name of “security?” 

The desire for security originates from fear.  Do you want fear to be the director of your life?  A feeling of security can only come from an inner place.  It is awareness that regardless of circumstances, which are outside of your control, you can choose your state of mind, which is completely within your control.  

All of the energy that was once used towards trying to maintain this illusion of security can now be placed towards your happiness.  A fulfilling life is its own kind of security.  No matter what happens, you will feel peace from the knowledge that you did not waste this precious life.