What clients and students say about Awakening Transformation:


"My regression experience with Tianna was relaxing and eye-opening.  I immediately felt comfortable with her and in the space.  Although initially I had a lot on my mind, Tianna's gentle guidance allowed me to open up to wisdom from past lives that I am still absorbing.  I feel what I learned will still be helping me years from now.  I look forward to returning for another Awakening Transformation service!"


"I sought Tianna for a past life regression.  I had no idea what to expect and Tianna is very good about rolling with what needs to happen as well.  I had one of those beautiful experiences that will most likely impact me the rest of my life!  I learned to a very large extent what steps I need to take in my personal life as well as professional life.  The key was in her way of holding space to explore and support me through that process.  I revealed deep aspects of myself very easily.  She's a totally trustworthy practitioner and I'd highly recommend Tianna for past life regression and/or hypnosis work.  It was truly wonderful!" 


"Working with Tianna has been the most transformative experience I have ever had, period.  She has given me the greatest gift anyone in a healing role has offered: self-empowerment.  Hypnosis is different than traditional methods in that it inspires the client to be his/her own therapist.  No longer do I look to others for answers, I look to myself, and this is incredibly empowering.  I have never felt so comfortable in and accepting of my own skin.  I highly, highly recommend Tianna and her gifts to anyone and everyone who seeks healing, a healthier perception of self.  It carries the momentum to change one's relationship to the world."


"Tianna is simply put, amazing.  She is graceful, compassionate, skillful and wise way beyond her years.  I have studied with countless healers and guides and Tianna took me to a whole new stage of growth and true awakening.  I can't even express enough gratitude for her even if I tried.  Run..don't walk to see her. She is the REAL DEAL kind of true healer who has done the work necessary to have the level of development she exudes."


"This is awesome!  I really feel old chains that once bound me to "reality" have fallen away...I feel completely awakened.  Beautiful feeling.  Whole. Complete. Reunited with All That Is."


"I first met Tianna when I signed up for her Reiki 1 course.  Her warmth and gentle spirit were apparent from the moment I met her.  I followed through with Reiki II and completed the Reiki Master Teacher course.  I have never been disappointed with Tianna's teaching style, Q&A sessions, availability and obvious dedication to her craft.  If you are even slightly interested in Reiki, definitely sign up for classes or at least a Reiki session.  Reiki Shares happen regularly so consider signing up for her email list and giving Awakening Transformation a try!"


"My past life regression session has been life altering.  I completed my session and felt like I had slept for a whole week!  I am eagerly recommending it to all of my friends and am looking forward to repeating this process over and over again.  I have had some issues and this process has opened the door for me to begin the healing."


"Tianna is incredible!  I am deeply honored to have experienced her gifts and beauty as an individual.  She is able to hold a space for you to heal that is infinitely vast and that makes room for complete transformation at every level of your being.  I have been to innumerable healers across the country and I have never left with such a state of pure bliss and inspiration for life.  I have a genuine feeling that I can start over again completely fresh and NEW.  All of the old stuff I was carrying around is gone and I've been working on it my entire life!  I was also able to shed my old victim mentality and be born into the light of self empowerment with her assistance.  I am now free from always feeling on edge.  I forgot how good life can feel to simply be still.  Aside from my personal session, Tianna genuinely cares about helping the planet and its people in a rare, authentic way.  The wisdom she bestows in invaluable.  I would recommend her literally anyone who is open to true personal growth and healing.  You will feel deeply blessed just to be in her presence :)"


"Tianna has much sincerity and awareness and, as a result, sessions with her or profound and meaningful. Tianna is a valuable resource for spiritual support and personal growth. She's professional and knowledgeable yet gentle (which is very important to me.)  If you are interested in past life regression I would definitely get in touch with her. "


"I had a lovely experience with my Reiki 1 training.  Tianna was very down to earth and explained/demonstrated everything clearly.  I also really appreciated the time she spent focusing on ethics and personal responsibility in the field,  topics which are often not given enough time in the healing profession (in my opinion.)  She has a kind and gentle presence and it was a great pleasure to learn from her!  I highly recommend her classes!"


"I did hypnosis with Tianna at the end of last year. It was a truly amazing experience. In my opinion,when we have no experience with this kind of therapy, it is very important that the therapist makes you feel comfortable and at ease with the situation.  This is the reason why I enjoyed this experience with Tianna so much.  Not only does she transmit peace to you but also her energy makes you feel very safe.  I enjoyed the fact that after we finished our session, she took the time to talk with me about what I saw in my past life and the worries that I was still carrying in this present life.  I truly valued and have worked on some of the issues that we concluded could help me be more at peace and enjoy life to the fullest. I recommend Tianna to anyone who is interested in hypnosis."


"The time I spent in Reiki 3/4 was extremely helpful.  Tianna cut to the chase and gave me the information I needed, answered every question with depth of knowledge and conviction.  I highly recommend her to anyone, from beginner to Master level.  I wish I lived closer so I could go to her Reiki shares.  I promise you will not be disappointed. Signed, A very peaceful and satisfied customer."


"I very much enjoyed the session.  I'm able to make decisions a lot easier now and I'm at peace with myself.  I don't have to wonder anymore about what it is I should be doing.  I was on track to repeating the same mistakes as my previous life and now I know how to avoid them."


"I feel fantastic!!! I really really do! I feel alive :)"


"I took my Reiki Master course from Tianna. I was apprehensive to take the course because it had been several years since I'd taken my Reiki II course and I had taken the first two Reiki courses from another instructor in my home state.  After I had taken Tianna's course, all of my fears were relieved.  I was really grateful that I had taken the course.   Tianna's energy was very relaxed and peaceful. She is an excellent instructor.  I felt very comfortable learning the information."


"Tianna is very professional and knowledgeable about everything Reiki!  She takes time to explain things and is very patient with any questions."


"I have been feeling much lighter since our session and much more able to call upon peace and connection than I have felt in a long time."


"Tianna gave me a Reiki session a year ago to help with some back issues I was having.  At the time, I didn't really feel a noticeable difference.  But.... Ever since then I have had some of the most incredible epiphanies around my health, well-being,  and spiritual knowing.  Now that I have a clear picture how the miracle of synchronicity works and am in more in tune with my higher self, I can attest that her healing session helped open the door that allowed me to bring this amazing abundance of spirit into my life.  My healing was profound, but played over a long period of time. Tianna helped start the momentum.  Thank you :)"


"I just want to tell you how amazing my experience was.  I feel like I've been in a closed room and now there are open doors and windows. It has given me a context for who I am.  Thank you."


"Wonderful session.  Can't wait until my next one.  Tianna's knowledge and guidance helped me visualize and learn from a past life."


"This was a very deep and intense experience.  Tianna was excellent and helped me find some long sought answers to questions I had.  Thank you."


"Thank you sooo much for Sunday.  Your Reiki class far exceeded my expectations of what the class could or would be!!"


"Just a wonderfully enlightening experience.  Tianna is a gentle soul who was pleasing and insightful in all aspects.  I am happy with my decision and with what was elicited from the session."


"Thank you!  I have to tell you - I have already experienced amazing results from our session and the bit of work I've done since.  I feel realigned and empowered.  I can't thank you enough!"


"Thank you so very much!  It was a really great session.  I feel much more centered and relaxed.  I definitely feel that this will help.  I have the recording saved now and will at least do it once a day until test time.  Thank you again."


"I just wanted to say thank you for an excellent Reiki class.  For me the group size was perfect and I preferred your style of teaching."


"It was a great session.  What I got from it is recognition of the soul and the opportunity to lead.  To lead now and be in my body doing it here on Earth in this lifetime.  Thank you for doing what you do."


"Thoroughly enjoyed being a part of your Reiki 1 class this past Sunday.  I gained insights and information that I was hoping for."


"Thank you for your hard work.  I appreciate your gentleness and skill.  You did an amazing job."


"That was a great session.  I'm doing well and am making time for myself. I didn't realize I was neglecting a side of myself and I'm glad that I'm in the process of turning things around!  Thanks a ton!"


"I want to thank you so much for helping my son and me.  He is focused and a lot more positive.  I've changed and feeling more sure of myself.  We owe you a lot of thanks."


"Just wanted to thank you so much for teaching my daughter and me.  It was a wonderful experience for both of us.  We are truly grateful.  We feel so fortunate to be able to practice together and share these gifts with others and ourselves. We will always be grateful for your generosity with Reiki."


"I'm doing very well.  Things have been going smoothly since our session and I'm so thankful.  You're great at what you do!  Writing down my experience as well as listening to the recording have both been helpful in processing everything and I'm excited about the direction life is heading."


"Thank you, Tianna.  Awesome experience.  I'm still getting a lot from it."


"Thank you so much!  I'm doing well.  I did concentrate really, really well for a while after my session.  I'm so excited to get back in again."


"My sleep issue has gotten much better.  I can't express how happy I am with the session."


"Very deep, insightful and professional."


"Very professional and friendly atmosphere.  Service was great and comfortable.  Can't wait for my next session!"


"Amazing and highly recommend!  Thank you!!"



"Thank you for our beautiful session.  It has inspired me to start a daily connection/meditation to obtain a deeper mental state."


"I had a really great experience learning Reiki and receiving attunements.  Felt lots of healing and flowing energy!"


"My past life regression session with Tianna was wonderful.  I remembered a past life in which I had injured my knees and was able to release the pain in my right knee from the fall in this life.  Now the pain is gone.  Hypnosis helps relieve pain from traumas and it certainly helped me."

-Diana M

"Life changing experience!  Very helpful and I will definitely recommend the service!"


"I have attended Reiki Level 1 and 2  workshops as well as participated in a past life  regression led by Tianna.  I keep coming back for more because of the transformative experiences I have had and the warmth and positivity Tianna conveys.  Thank you Tianna, for sharing your passion, as well as your compassion with the world!"


"Thank you for this amazing experience -- it was very insightful."


"Thank you very much for everything.  I've been thinking about the session a lot.  So many things are making sense to me now.  It's amazing."


"I had a very positive first experience with Tianna.  She held space in a way that allowed me to feel safe and be open to the process."


“Our session yesterday was amazing! I am so excited to listen to the recording every night! I so appreciate the support!”


“A hearty thank you for the Reiki 1 class. It seems very beneficial to me. My mind has been more gentle and less active, and my body feels more aligned and relaxed. These are very important things for me. Thank you so much!”


“I have raved about Reiki ever since I came to your office. I have told a few friends in different areas to go get this done! Also, I am expecting! I really, truly believe I have helped connect to my womb through what you shared. Thank you for all your help!”


“Ms. Roser was very patient and easy to open up with. She gave great tips on absorbing the information so I wasn’t left shocked. It is something I would recommend.”


“Thank you so much for your time today. Your profession is truly a gift. I hope you continue inspiring and healing other people in need.”


“It was an awesome experience! I’m beyond grateful.”


“Wonderful experience. Tianna is amazing!”


“QHHT session was a success! So amazing to even deeper unearth some of these visions I was already experiencing in small glimpses. So much gratitude to Tianna for facilitating space in comfortable settings with exceptional technique to let this come forth.”


“Thank you for sharing your knowledge of and enthusiasm for Reiki with the class yesterday. It was a transformative experience! You are a wonderful teacher and gifted facilitator. I look forward to taking more classes with you.”


“Thanks so much for your healing and helping me to hold that space of empowerment for myself. Looking forward to working with you again!”


“Taking your Reiki 1 class changed my life. I have always struggled with anxiety, even taking anti-anxiety medication for years before I decided to get off medication a year ago, trying to manage my anxiety naturally with yoga, and healthy living. The anxiety was manageable most days but I always felt like I was a guitar string wound too tight and if I was strummed the string would break. With every round of attunements, I felt that string being unwound and tuned. By the end of the session, the knot that I always carried in the pit of my stomach was gone. I have been telling everyone what an amazing gift this is!”