Reiki Is My Super Power


My Reiki student says she tells her kids, “Reiki is my super power!”  They are young, active boys but once she gives them Reiki at night they quickly fall into deep, peaceful sleep.  It got me thinking that Reiki is indeed a super power.  It can transform your health, emotions and outlook on life in miraculous ways. 

Good news - Reiki can be your super power too.  You don’t need to be from planet Krypton or be an Amazon or get bitten by a radioactive spider.  Reiki is available to everyone.

Remember how everything seemed magical when you were a kid?  The world was full of never-ending possibilities and exciting surprises.   At some point you were told, “ Grow up.  Life is hard work.  No pain, no gain.”  So you left behind your childlike wonder, imagination and optimism in favor of “the school of hard knocks” in a “dog eat dog world.”

Once in a while you catch a glimpse of that magic in a child’s eyes or when playing with your dog.  You feel nostalgic and think, “How nice to be so free.”   

Reiki can free you from your prison of societal programming.  You are entrapped by the belief that nothing happens without your endless hard work.  This belief keeps you constantly pushing ahead, trying to achieve more, yet feeling like you’re fighting a losing battle.  When you are channeling Reiki, Reiki is doing all the work.  You are simply the conduit for the energy to flow.  Through Reiki you become healed or feel better yet it was effortless- magic!  Once you are attuned to Reiki, there is an infinite supply of this universal life energy to draw from, always available to fill you up - magic!  

After a Reiki session clients sometimes comment that they hadn’t felt this way since childhood.  They forgot this feeling, lightness, joy, inner freedom, hope.  Re-awakening that feeling inside someone - if that’s not a super power, what is?