Karma is Not Punishment

Relax.  Karma is not your enemy.  It’s not out to get you.  Karma is impersonal.  It’s simply energy.  Karma is unresolved energy that you carry around with you.  Regardless of whether you’re aware of it or believe in it, the energy of karma attracts experiences and people in your life that will reflect this energy back to you so that you can resolve it once and for all.  


You will carry karma until you receive the gift of awareness it offers you.  This clears the karma.  Most people get the “gift” after many repeated and often uncomfortable experiences of the karma being played out in their interactions with others.  The good news is that there’s another way!

Clearing karma is one of the benefits of a past life regression.  People sometimes ask what’s the point of going back over a life that’s already over.  Realistically, you can’t possibly learn everything about the human experience in one lifetime.  So we come back to learn more and also to try to fix and complete what was unfinished in previous lives.  Past life regression is one way to have guidance through the process because we tend to have blindspots that we won’t see on our own.

You can also clear karma on your own inwardly, without having to go through the painful experience of living it out.  This requires a high degree of self honesty and self compassion. 

To clear your karma with someone:

1) Review your past experiences with the person.   Find what the lessons were that you needed to learn from that experience.  For example, maybe a lesson was to not lose your Self in a relationship and to hold healthy boundaries or maybe it was the opposite, how to be more open and connect authentically.

2) The lessons are the gifts of that experience.  Understand that in acknowledging the gifts of that experience, it doesn’t condone other people’s wrong behavior.  You’re simply recognizing that we are each responsible for our own lessons.  You only need to focus on your lessons.

3) In recognizing the gifts of that experience, you clear and release the energy (karma) between you and the other person through the power of forgiveness.  You forgive them for however they hurt you, recognizing that’s their lesson to learn and they will learn it in their own way and timing, perhaps not in this lifetime.  In forgiving them, you free yourself from the burden of heavy, negative emotions.

4) You forgive yourself for allowing yourself to get hurt or for hurting orhers.  You’ve always done the best you could with the level of awareness you were at.  Forgiveness is a much higher frequency than anger, fear or resentment.  Forgiveness can come when you feel empowered from the lessons you learned and so you can trust yourself to now make more joyful, fulfilling choices.

Karma points you to the areas where, through clearing, you can feel even better and develop more of your potential.  Once you begin to view karma in this new way, as a tool for your growth and healing, maybe karma can even become your friend.