Resistance is Futile: Learn to Go With the Flow


We’re taught that happiness comes from having the power to control our lives.  While it’s true to an extent, this approach has its limits.  The desire to control everything, originating from a fearful attempt to create outer security, is unhealthy and unsustainable.  Not everything in life is within your control.  The inability to accept this truth inevitably leads to daily frustration.  You end up constantly trying to fortify your sand castle against an ever-changing tide.

In this physical world, change is constant and unavoidable.  There are cycles to everything in nature.  As much as we try to divorce ourselves from the natural world, we are still physical beings to whom the laws of nature apply.  Humans, in our arrogance, believe we are the superior force in the world and that we should continue to seek ways to control and exert our dominance. 

This disconnection and lack of harmony with the rhythms of the natural world creates imbalances within our own body, mind and emotions.  We want it our way all the time and we resist what is.  The truth is that the greatest security comes not from constant control but from developing the ability to adapt to any situation. There is a time to take action and there is a time to allow or just be. This cycle, act/relax, act/relax, is sustainable like the heartbeat or the breath.  There’s flow.

When you are in tune with the world around you, you can discern the right time for action and the right time to accept or reflect on What Is.  In this way you become aligned with the greater cycles of the Universe.  Being in the flow allows you to work smarter, not harder. You learn to when to push and when to let go.  Inevitably you discover that the Universal stream can carry you further than you could go by your own efforts, often to vaster shores than you knew existed.