Emotions Are Keys for Healing Yourself


Emotions are the unsung heroes of the psyche.  Perhaps you've been thinking, "If only those pesky emotions would leave me alone, then I could have peace of mind.  I could easily become the master of my Self.  It would be so much easier to focus my mind and be in control. "  

Sure, emotions are at times inconvenient and unpredictable, but they also are what make us gloriously human.  Take away all our emotions and we are basically limited edition, inefficient flesh and blood robots.  Not only do emotions color and contextualize our experiences, but they also can serve as powerful instruments for self-healing.

Emotions are a diagnostic tool.  Emotional pain can signal that something in your life is out of balance, much the way physical pain does.  If you place your finger on a hot stove, pain tells you that something is wrong and to move your finger.  It'd be a much bigger problem if you just took a painkiller but left your finger on the stove.  Pain can be a useful indicator that a change is needed.  

If you frequently experience emotional pain, it could be signaling to you that your thoughts or your actions are not aligned with your heart's desire.  We think outside events cause our emotions.  If someone slapped me, I might say, "You made me sad because you slapped me."  But if she slaps my friend, my friend could say, "You made me angry because you slapped me!" The reality is that no one and nothing can force us to feel a certain way.  Our emotional responses are connected to the thoughts or beliefs we hold inside.

If we allow ourselves to feel our emotions, rather than stuffing them or projecting them back at someone, we can begin to notice what thought or belief underlies the emotion.  The more we are willing to sit with an emotion, the more empowered we become to know what we need and to know what's not working for us.  As you find a healthy outlet for your emotions, allowing them a path to flow, they lose their power over you, becoming valuable tools for your journey of self awareness.