Reiki Classes

Reiki 1

Sun:12 - 5 p


Reiki is a simple yet powerful healing energy method.  Everything is energy - mind, body, and spirit.  When you understand how to work with energy, all areas of your life improve.  Learn energy principles, receive attunements, Learn Reiki hand positions for self healing and for healing others.  Experience hands-on training.  You will receive a manual and certificate of completion.  Fee: $175

In this class we cover:

  • Introduction to Reiki

  • The History of Reiki

  • The Degrees of Reiki

  • What is an Attunement

  • Energy Detox

  • Energy Principles

  • Reiki Hand Positions

  • Reiki for Self

  • Reiki for Others

  • Giving a Reiki Session

  • Reiki Ethics

  • And more!


Reiki 2

Sun: 12 -  4 p


How do you know when you're ready for Reiki 2? There's no set amount of time to take between Reiki 1 and 2.  It's mostly about when you feel ready.  Everyone is different.  Also, it helps if you're doing daily self Reiki and are not going through energy detox.

In Reiki 2 you will review Reiki 1, receive 2 attunements, learn 3 Reiki symbols and distance healing.  You will gain hands on experience and have a chance to interact with other students in a comfortable, intimate setting.  Receive a manual and a certificate of completion.  Class fee: $175

Reiki Master Teacher

Sun: 12 - 4 p


Get certified to teach Reiki by becoming a Reiki Master Teacher.  Fee: $375

In this class you will:

  • review Reiki 2

  • receive an attunement

  • experience more Reiki symbols

  • learn how to give attunements

  • learn how to teach and market Reiki classes

  • gain hands-on experience giving attunements

  • receive a manual, certificate of completion and electronic copies of my Reiki materials to use in your practice and in your classes.