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Life Between Lives Regression

Life Between Lives (LBL) hypnosis is a process of going into a superconscious trance state to experience one's soul identity.  This process was first pioneered by Michael Newton and chronicled in his books, "Journey of Souls" and "Destiny of Souls."  Through the LBL experience you can uncover your own answers to timeless questions such as:

  • What is my life purpose?

  • Who is my soul mate?

  • Why did I choose this body and the challenges I'm facing in this life?

  • Who is in my soul group?

  • How am I progressing as a soul in this life?

  • Who is my spirit guide?



What is the LBL experience like?

A Life Between Lives Regression will typically last 4 hours.  You will be guided into a deep state of trance into the superconscious, where you can access your soul memory.  In this state, you will have the moving experience of meeting your spirit guide, your soul group, and perhaps a Council of Elders - wise, loving beings who facilitate your growth and awareness.

A Life Between Lives Regression enables you to experience the core of who you really are and then integrate it into your current life.  Through this deep experience you can discover basic truths about your Self, release things that hold you back and feel strengthened and renewed to move forward.  

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LBL Benefits

Discovering your soul's immortal identity is one of the most precious gifts you can experience in your Earthly life.  With this understanding and awareness,  new possibilities are available for you in this life.  You may notice greater positivity, confidence and acceptance of yourself.  The connection with your soul is deep and lasting.

 Before experiencing a Life Between Lives session, you must first experience a past life regression.  Not everyone is ready for the 4 hour long session.  The past life regression is a helpful warm-up for the Life Between Lives regression, as well as a useful session in its own right.  Contact us for a free consultation or to schedule an appointment.   LBL and past life regression fees are listed and available for purchase here.

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