Hypnosis is a natural state between waking and sleeping.  It's simply a relaxed inner-focused state similar to meditation.  People flow in and out of states of hypnosis throughout the day. 

Hypnosis is effective because it aligns your subconscious mind (beliefs, hidden desires, emotions) with your conscious mind, thereby removing inner blocks to what you want.  For example, you're very aware that your conscious mind wants to lose weight. But there is a subconscious (hidden) reason why you aren't doing the things you need to in order to lose the weight.  With hypnosis we not only uncover what the block is, we also find new ways to make both parts satisfied moving forward.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.  Although the hypnotist may guide and direct you during trance, you are always in control.  You will not go along with a suggestion that is against your personal value system.  

Can everyone be hypnotized?

If you have ever become so engrossed in a movie that you didn't notice how much time passed, then you have been hypnotized.  So basically yes, most everyone can be hypnotized.

Different people experience various depths of hypnosis.  Even a light state of hypnosis is effective because the subconscious is just beneath the surface of everyday consciousness and therefore can be easily accessed.  You can have meaningful experiences at all levels.

What does hypnosis feel like?

Hypnosis will feel different for each person.  Possible body responses are relaxation, heaviness, a floating sensation or a sense of expansion.  Mental responses could be calm, focused, peaceful, insightful. Emotions may also come up.  Hypnosis can be experienced with any of the senses: imagery, sounds, smells, sensations and even tastes.  Some people report a sense of time distortion.  However you experience hypnosis is right for you and will be supported.

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