past life regression

Past Life Regression Benefits

More than just a means to satisfy one's curiosity, past life regression therapy has a number of valuable therapeutic purposes.  Here's just a few benefits (excerpted from the book "Past Life Regression:  A Guide for Practitioners" by Mary Lee LaBay):

  • Cycles of Behavior - Viewing the cycles and patterns of behavior recurring throughout many lifetimes grants greater perspective on our unique quirks, habits, struggles, fears, choices, hopes and dreams.

  • Physical Healing - In many cases the health issues we experience in this life have roots that extend into other lifetimes. For this reason, past life regression can provide information important to healing physical symptoms.


  • Unexplained Pain - Unexplained pains and syndromes, chronic pain and illness, birthmarks and other health-related phenomena frequently have their roots in other lifetimes.

  • Phobias - A regression can also reveal the roots of phobias or other emotional blocks. Sometimes simply having knowledge of the relevant past life experience will be enough to shift the energy, allowing a breakthrough or healing to occur.

  • Soul Connections - Experiencing past life relationships with present life people can create transformation in the way we think or feel about them.

  • Clarity - Living a very different life experience is like walking in another person's shoes. It gives us an expanded perspective that assists us in our current lifetime.

past life regression

What to Expect In a Past Life Regression

You will experience your past life in your own unique way.  You have inner senses of sight, sensation, sound, smell or just knowing.  Some or all of these inner senses may be active during your past life regression.  You may be experiencing the life from inside the body or watching from above.  It's important not to set your expectations for a particular way of experiencing.  Just be open to whatever way the information comes to you.

Past life regression is like any new skill.  Some people are born naturals.  Others require more practice.  The more you experience past life regression, the easier it becomes to access this state of consciousness.


The past life regression is a 2 hour session.  The first 15 to 20 minutes is the intake, where we discuss your current life.  Whatever lifetime you go back to will be related in some way to what you're learning in this life.  The rest of the session is spent in hypnosis.  You'll be guided to a scene in a former lifetime.  Your soul is in charge and will take you to whatever life can be most healing and insightful for you.  We'll explore several scenes at different points of the former life, culminating at the death scene.  Then we review the life to process, heal and understand it.

Your session will be recorded and emailed to you afterward.  Contact us with further questions or to schedule a past life regression.  Past life regression rates are listed and can be purchased here.